Rodrigues, Mascarene's island.

Rodrigues is the smallest of the three islands of the archipelago of Mascarenes. Of volcanic origin, the island is situated at a 560 km east distance from the Mauritius Island, almost isolated in the middle of the
Indian Ocean. It extends over 18 km long and 8 km wide and offers the particularity of a shallow lagoon, with a surface underneath twice as large
as the appearing lands.
This lagoon, one of the biggest of the Indian ocean, is sprinkled with
islands among which the most famous are: the Hermitage island, the Cocos island, the Sands island or even more, the Cat island.
Rodrigues is part of the Republic of Maurice and has been granted a of self-government status since 2002.

Ile aux Cocos
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Mascarene's map

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