Transports :

By air :
From Maurice Island or La Reunion Island towards Rodrigues:
Mauritius Airline provides 2 or 3 daily flights towards Rodrigues according to season. The journey lasts 1h30. Air Mauritius uses ATR for itinerary from Maurice.

By boat :
MV Mauritius Pride and Mauritius Trochetia insure sealink between Maurice and Rodrigues for the supply of the island, 2 or 3 times a month for MV Mauritius Pride and once time a month for Mauritius Trochetia.
The journey lasts about 27 hours according to the sealing conditions.

Visa :

No visa needed for citizens coming from Europe, Switzerland, Canada (not exhaustive list) who want to stay in Rodrigues for a period not exceeding three months. A passport valid 6 months after the expected date of departure is necessary, as well as a return ticket.

Ile aux Cocos seen by the sky
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